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Advanced Algorithms and Mathematical Derivations
With over 50 technical papers authored by 1Earth staff, their accomplishments in algorithm development and research are well-established.
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• Algorithm research, formulation, implementation, testing, efficiency improvements • Independent S/W verification services
• Engineering, research & algorithm devel.
• Technical documentation pertaining to algorithms, appropriate uses and applications

Application of S/W Packages
1Earth staff has an extensive background in the operational application of both locally-developed and commercial software packages for numerous government and commercial programs.
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• Specialized analyses using customer and production software • User training
• On-site setup and tailoring
• Deployment and scripting
• Specialized wrappers
• General & customized user interfaces
• Training manuals
• Auto-code documentation (e.g.,Doxygen)

Constellation Planning and Evolution
1Earth's vast experience in the astrodynamics arena, particularly associated with design, launch phasing, operations and deorbit of satellite constellations, are directly pertinent to the study of satellite constellations and satellite upgrades.
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• Coverage analysis
• Mission end-of-life estimations
• Proximity risk for constellation anomaly cases
• Development of constellation evolution plans

• System-of-System performance assessment module
• Constellation revisit, access and quality/tasking modules
• Satellite and pico-satellite design consultation

Covariance Applications
Industry-leading technology for the application of covariances and error modeling data has been developed by 1Earth staff.
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Related Products
• Un-Correlated Target (UCT) identification • Sensor tasking to optimally improve sensor detection and resolution performance

• Antenna search patterns (e.g., spiral, elliptical, and oscillating patterns)
• Maneuver detection module
• Geolocation module
• Empirical covariance generation module

Environment Assessment
Global and specific threat environment assessments have been conducted by 1Earth personnel in the areas of site RF, space debris and RF Interference. Modeling and simulation techniques and experience resident at the company are extensible to other areas of environment assessment.
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• Debris modeling
• Evaluation of environment sensor data
• On-going assessment of environmental conditions
• Time evolution of environment parameters
• Database of sensor data
• Evaluation reports

Formation Flying (FF)
The technical staff at 1Earth has already performed groundbreaking work in FF, application of GPS data, and long-term FF simulation and analysis.
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Related Products
• Selection of best FF method for each customer
• Assessment of viability of various FF methods
• On-going assessment of FF strategy performance
• FF anomaly recovery and FF contingency planning
• FF initialization, configuration and simulation module
• FF long-term evolution model

Geospatial Technology
1Earth has access to industry-leading GIS expertise to meet the demands of sophisticated GIS operators and customers.
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Related Products
• Optimal satellite GIS scanning patterns
• GIS database analysis

• GIS database construction and maintenance

• Geographical Information Systems Module, providing integration with the new ArcGIS 8.0 software from ESRI

Ground Operations
Extensive antenna operations and satellite visibility computations lend themselves to 1Earth’s support in the generation of satellite visibilities in the presence of ground obscura, refraction, etc.
Related Analyses
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Related Products
• Development of operations concepts to meet satellite contact requirements • On-going predictions of station contacts
• On-going predictions of and satellite events
• Ground station operations
• Telemetry processing
• Satellite visibility modules, predictions and specialized look angle profiles

HTML Coding
Ten years of combined experience in the successful use of HTML applications to leading government and commercial satellite operators.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Determination of best Web site design and layout

• Web site building and maintenance
• Web site hosting

• User interfaces
• Web-based reports
• Web-based database interfaces

Knowledge Databases
We have successfully applied relational databases for operational and technical data storage and reporting. Our experience has shown this to be a powerful technique to permit detailed data mining and the discovery of cross-discipline relationships.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Neural Network implementation
• Telemetry processing
• Anomaly detection via out-of-family event tracking
• Event prediction

• Historical data archiving TLE and state vectors database
• Interface modules
• Tailored knowledge databases
• Data trending

Modeling and Simulation
1Earth personnel have provided comprehensive assessments of cost, accuracy and timeliness benefits of new technology and concepts through its M&S efforts. 1Earth staff has over 30 years in the spacecraft, environment, operations and modeling & simulation arenas, using a wide variety of simulation tools in C++, C, Fortran, IDL, SQL and MathCAD Languages.
Related Analyses
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Related Products

• Accurate end-to-end simulation, involving actual dynamics and high-order forcing terms

• Automated implementation of end-to-end simulations to maintain cognizance of current operational status
• Maneuver reconstruction
• Accident or anomaly reconstruction
• Automated Anomaly Reporting
• Specialized modeling tools

On-Site Software Services
1Earth personnel have been installing and configuring a variety of software applications at company and customer sites for many years. Training and customization has been a large part of preparing the customer for software use.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Determination of user software requirements and applicability
• Selection of best software solutions
• Specialized installation & configuration enhances customer productivity and reduces deployment time
• Focused training

• Custom user interface for specialized tasks

Optimization Approaches (Classical and Evolutionary)
We have the mathematical and applications backgrounds to be able to help model and/or implement advanced filtering algorithms. Personnel have multi-year experience in the application of classical (gradient-based, Marquardt-Levenberg, etc.) and evolutionary (genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, etc.) to a host of real operational and concept development problems. This experience spans the entire spectrum from GA development to GA application.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Ephemeris reconstruction
• Launch variations
• Orbit determination
• Kalman filtering
• Attitude determination
• Optimal scheduling

• Burn performance assessment
• Optimal avoidance maneuvers
• On-going optimal scheduling and resource allocation

• Ephemeris reconstruction module
• Lambert algorithm and rendezvous module
• Optimal avoidance maneuver module
• GA scheduler module

Orbit Analysis
Company staff has formal training and career-spanning experience in the field of orbit analysis.
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Related Services
Related Products
• Orbit perturbations
• Trajectory design
• Launch windows
• Orbit theory

• Advanced orbit simulations
• Orbit intercept, rendezvous and transfer
• Propulsion and finite burn modeling
• Timing conversions
• Coordinate Frames
• Orbit determination

• End-to-end simulation results
• Independent orbit assessment
• Satellite-to-satellite visibility scheduling
• Ground-to-satellite visibility scheduling
• Optimal ground station placement

Personal Data Assistant
1Earth is adapting its extensive tool capabilities to mobile micro-computing platforms.
Related Analyses
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Related Products

• Data Entry and Database Fusion

• Satellite Visibility Viewer
• Grocery List Assistant

Practical and Applied Numerical Techniques
The 1Earth technical staff has used and created advanced numerical techniques to achieve tremendous gains in analysis accuracy, efficiency and responsiveness.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Selection of appropriate numerical methods to meet customer’s specific requirements and goals. • Statistics via Monte Carlo and sampling techniques • Numerical simulations
• Numerical integrators

Radio Frequency and Antenna Modeling
1Earth personnel built key simulations relied upon by government and commercial satellite operators to predict RF Power Impingement and RF Interference problems.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Assessment of RF power impingement and interference threats ITU coordination and RF database compilation/maintenance
• Transmitter Location System (TLS) data collection optimization
RFI module
• RF Power Impingement module
• Application of detailed antenna gain patterns

Risk Assessment
1Earth staff has been recognized for its industry-leading work in the application of risk monitoring techniques to operations.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Long-term operational risk assessment and reduction
• Short-term risk avoidance plans
• On-going risk quantifications and monitoring • Risk assessment modules

Satellite Operations & Control (GEO, LEO, Other)
We have substantial career experience in GEO satellite operations in orbit control, stationkeeping strategies, and maneuver effectiveness assessments.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Fuel usage
• Orbit lifetime estimations
• Satellite environment studies and characterization
• Satellite de-orbit, decommissioning and re-entry
• Autonomous orbit maneuver planning, accessibility
• Determination of degraded S/C performance
• Picosatellite concept development, implementation and operations
• Launch and early orbit operations

• GEO stationkeeping module
• Anomaly detection and resolution
• Generation of stationkeeping plans
• Collocation strategies

Personnel within 1Earth have been involved in many aspects of resource management and event scheduling for their government and civilian customers.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Resource management, allocation and optimization
• Optimal event scheduling

• Event resource planning
• Real-time event rescheduling
• Web-interfaced scheduler hosting

• Resource requirements studies
• System performance analysis

Situational Awareness
1Earth personnel have the recognized leading expertise in situational awareness assessment.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Proximity analysis
• RF environment characterization
• RF interference
• Specialized front end for proximity analysis
• GEO customer interfaces
• Laser impingement risk assessment module
• Collision risk assessment module
• General GEO customer report interface

Scripting and Automation
1Earth staff has accrued many years of successful scripting automation experience supporting leading government and commercial satellite operators.
Related Analyses
Related Services
Related Products
• Implementation of automated scripting and operations engineering concepts to reduce workload, provide process monitoring and enhance overall situational awareness • Automation of all on-going operational analyses • Scripting modules in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, SQL, NAGIOS, Net Saint and CGI languages



Terrestrial Applications consist of software products for typical business and private consumers based on new and/or enhanced technical algorithms that have been used to support the space community.

Space Applications is technical and engineering support that 1Earth provides to spacecraft designers, buyers and operators.

Design Assessment and Optimization is the provision of technical analysis to determine the merit of contractor designs and optimize various design parameters to evolve the design to achieve the best performance.

Environment Assessment is the modeling, simulation and analysis of critical aspects of the environment. Examples of this could include modeling of the space debris population, modeling of clean-up efforts for nautical oil spills, air sampling, nuclear power plant cooling lake design and heat flow.

Event Reconstruction is the determination, through modeling, simulation and analysis, of the evolution of key system characteristics and actions occurring during an event. Examples of this could include the determination of the causes of accidents based upon environmental conditions, available data, and post-event evidence and indicators.


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