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1Earth Research is pleased to be partnering with Analytical Graphics, Inc. as a Solution Provider of satellite conjunction assessments and analyses. AGI's Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI), using their space analysis tool STK, provides a list of the top 10 possible collisions between space objects, ordered by maximum probability and minimum miss distance. The list, called SOCRATES, is available at CSSI's web site, 1Earth, using STK and other customized software, offers additional comprehensive, customized, and/or recurring conjunction analyses for satellite operators.


Personnel at 1Earth have years of experience identifying and analyzing satellite conjunctions. Examples of the kind of work that we have done:

Conjunction Analysis Data

A collision in space can have serious environmental, financial and national security consequences. However, the actual risk of such a collision is generally quite low. The on-going risk of collision is highly dependent on relative orbits and the local population of space objects. Estimation of this risk dependends heavily upon the accuracy with which one knows the locations of the two objects.

(Important note: Element sets provide predictions based only on past behavior. Owner ephemerides provide predictions which include planned maneuvers.)

Outline of Services

1Earth offers the following types of service to address the needs of satellite operators who wish to gain a deeper understanding of conjunctions between their assets and other space objects:


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